Crossword Solver

I enjoy crosswords, and wrote these tools to help me. There are well over a quarter of a million words and phrases in the dictionary, thanks to Ross Beresford's UKACD dictionary and a huge list of phrases from Ross Withey.

Come here often?

If you're a regular user of this site, you'll probably notice some changes over the next few weeks. Please let me know if anything stops working for you, or if you prefer anything the way it was. —Pete.

Update 3 (21 Sept): The site ought to be working for everyone now. If not, please let me know, and in the meantime, you can still get to the old version of the site if you need to. Also, anagram search now allows missing letters, and all the word boundary bugs should be fixed.

Still left to do:

  • Thesarus is overly pedantic about spaces (at the start, at the end, or in the middle!)
  • Bring back the cryptogram solver!