Crossword Solver

I enjoy crosswords, and wrote these tools to help me. There are well over a quarter of a million words and phrases in the dictionary, thanks to Ross Beresford's UKACD dictionary and a huge list of phrases from Ross Withey.

NB. If you're trying to find anagrams for someone's name, you're in the wrong place: see

Find an Anagram

Type in a word or series of words here to get valid words and phrases from the dictionary.

Complete a Word or Phrase

Type in what you have, with dots for the missing letters (e.g., h.r...i.m) to get matching words and phrases from the dictionary. Don't type spaces between words. You can match word boundaries with forward slashes, like this: h.r./...l../e.g


Enter a word to get synonyms.

Solve a Cryptogram

Cryptograms are now on their own page.

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